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          A new wave of plant based proteins

Here at The Lupin Company, we are proud to have been pioneers in bringing our TLC Lupin Protein Flakes directly to our customers in the UK and Europe. All of our lupin is sustainably grown in Western Australia where it produced and packed to the highest standards.

Naturally, we are delighted to see lupin now making headway in other markets. All of this reinforces our message of the benefits of this vegan and gluten-free superfood, which in turn will encourage more people to be aware of it and to use it as the versatile ingredient that it is.

We noticed that British tempeh producer, Better Nature, has started using lupin in some of its products as an alternative to the more traditional soy. Some soy is genetically modified whilst lupin is not. Whilst peanut allergy sufferers might avoid lupin, those allergic to soy will love it. Great choice, guys!

Also, a German producer of plant-based dairy products, Prolupin, is using lupin as a core ingredient. Marketing director, Roland Brandstätt told the vegconomist publication, “Experts predict that sweet lupins can become one of the most important sources of plant protein to replace animal proteins worldwide.”

Of course, our friends already know about the benefits of sweet lupin, the 40% complete protein content, the high fibre and low carbohydrate as well as the many other benefits to gut health and overall health too. Lupin is just so easy to include in anyone’s daily diet. You don’t need processed foods made with lupin when you can use the pure ingredient in your meals straight from the packet.