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The Lupinist

The Lupinist believes we can all make a difference to the health of our planet – as well as our own, by enjoying natural ingredients as part of a balanced diet. One meal at a time. But not all plant-based foods are born equal.

Relatively new to the UK market but enjoyed as far back as Ancient Egyptian times, lupin is the rightful king of legumes.

Each flake has so much to offer to your body, your gut, your health and your lifestyle!

Top 10 reasons why Lupinists love our lupin flakes

100% natural, naturally
Our lupin flakes are made from Australian Sweet Lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) and Aussie sunshine. Nothing else. Generally referred to as pulses, the edible seeds of lupin plants in the legume family grow in pods. First, we dehull the whole seeds, then split and mill them so that the lupins can then be carefully ground into flakes. That’s it – all 100% natural. Ready for you.

Superfood redefined
Lupins earned the superfood label because they’re loaded with nutrients and may play a role in preventing and managing various diseases. As the world’s richest natural source of combined protein (40%) with all nine essential amino acids and dietary fibre (37%), the recommended daily serving of TLC Lupin Protein Flakes is only 40g (approx 4 tablespoons) which contains 16g protein, 14.8g fibre, 1.6g carbs as well as a healthy dose of bioavailable calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium!

Super versatile protein
Uniquely rich in protein (40%), our TLC Lupin Protein Flakes can be used in almost anything you want to add a protein boost to – and you'll be adding healthy fibre too! Or enjoy them as a core ingredient. Whether it’s salads, soups, protein shakes and smoothies, cereals, bread or baked goods, the possibilities are endless. These super nutritious flakes can also be used as a higher protein, gluten-free alternative to couscous or pasta, and as a stand in for rice or quinoa.

Fibre rich
Lupin contains three kinds of fibre: soluble, insoluble and prebiotic. We need all three and most of us don’t get nearly enough. A standard 40g portion of TLC Lupin Protein Flakes provides a whopping 50% of your required daily fibre intake (14.8g) including 4.9g of prebiotic fibre.

Gluten free, Vegan and Keto friendly
Lupin flakes are naturally gluten free, are keto friendly and ideal for vegetarian, flexitarian and vegan diets.

Feel fuller for longer
Because these mighty golden flakes are uniquely high in protein as well as fibre, they can help you feel fuller for longer and reduce those naughty cravings. Clinical studies have shown that adding lupin to other foods increases satiety (the feeling of fullness) and lowers the body’s total energy intake throughout the day.

Good for your gut
TLC Lupin Protein Flakes are stacked out with prebiotics - a standard 40g portion provides 4.9g of prebiotic fibre! Prebiotics feed the probiotics (the friendly bacteria) in your gut and you can expect noticeable improvements in food intolerance, mood enhancement and energy levels as well as better insulin response.

Low carbohydrate
Just 4% carbs makes this an ideal part of a ketogenic (keto) diet. What is more, lupin is great for people with type 2 diabetes. Diabesity is a serious thing. It’s diabetes in the context of obesity and it’s the leading cause of chronic disease in the 21st century. Low carb foods like TLC Lupin Protein Flakes are great for glucose management, which can help to prevent nasties like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Low GI
The carbohydrate in TLC Lupin Protein Flakes is low GI (Glycaemic Index) - in fact the lowest GI of any commonly consumed grain or legume. These are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose levels. This is vital for people with diabetes, but swapping high GI foods for low GI may also improve cholesterol levels, aid weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease and some kinds of cancer.

Sustainably grown
Around 80% of the world’s Sweet Lupin supply is grown and harvested in Australia. Our non-GM Aussie lupins are grown sustainably in soils that were previously considered useless. The plants actually work as a natural fertiliser, introducing nitrogen into the soil and reducing or eliminating the need for chemicals. Due to deep, tapping roots, they also need very little water to grow, further reducing their impact on the environment.