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          Getting started with your TLC Lupin Protein Flakes

Your new super versatile 100% plant-based staple food.

Tasty flakes. Raw, just as they are, or boiled, baked, blended, casseroled or grilled.

Lupin flakes can be used in almost anything you want to add a protein boost to. You'll be adding healthy fibre too!

Whether it is, salads, soups, protein shakes, cereals or even cookies, bread or baked goods – the possibilities are endless! You can even use lupin flakes as a higher protein, high fibre and gluten-free alternative to couscous or pasta, and as a stand-in for rice or quinoa.

A recommended daily serving of TLC Lupin Protein Flakes is 40g – approximately 4 tablespoons. This will give you a whopping 16g of protein (about 1/3 of your daily needs) and almost half of your daily fibre requirement – that is the half that is most likely missing from your diet.

Here are eight different ways to use this golden superfood.

Raw goodness
Eat them just as they are! Add to shakes or smoothies, or sprinkle onto muesli, granola or salads for an instant protein punch. Our lupin flakes are great to use straight from the pack.

Grain alternative
They’re so easy to quick boil in just 3 minutes, as a great alternative to couscous! Simply add 1 part of TLC Lupin Protein Flakes to 3 parts of hot water. Bring to boil and then keep boiling for 3 minutes. Strain using a sieve. Any excess moisture can easily be squeezed out once cool. Like couscous, prepared in this way they are a great ‘flavour carrier’. Also, use instead of quinoa, rice or pasta.

Rice booster
Mix 200g rice, 100g TLC Lupin Protein Flakes and 750ml water with ¼ teaspoon of salt. Cook in a pan or rice cooker. This gives more than double the protein and ten times the fibre content of white rice alone.

Toast it
For a great ‘nutty’ taste, add TLC Lupin Protein Flakes to a hot, dry, non-stick pan and stir over medium heat for 3 – 4 minutes until golden. Alternatively, roast on an oven tray at 150 degrees Celsius until golden in colour. Use as a delicious topper for salads or muesli.

Crumb coat
Use as a high-protein crispy, crunchy alternative to breadcrumbs for coating for zucchini, other veggies, or firm tofu. Dip in egg, then in lupin flakes, and bake or fry. For a vegan egg substitute, whisk egg replacer powder with water, or whisk 18g flaxseed meal with 3 tablespoons of warm water.

Stir them in
Add TLC Lupin Protein Flakes to casseroles, stews, etc. for a big protein and fibre boost. They thicken the sauce too!

Bake with them
TLC Lupin Protein Flakes are great for use in all kinds of baking. Try substituting up to 1/5 wheat flour in bread baking. Not only will you get a delicious loaf, but it will have 60% more protein and more than three times the fibre of using white wheat flour alone. And you can use up to 50% lupin flakes to replace other flours in your recipes too.

Use in dips
Boil up the flakes to hydrate them, let them cool down and then use instead of chickpeas in your favourite hummus recipe. Lupin flakes give you double the protein and fibre of chickpeas and less than 7% of the equivalent carbohydrates.

Looking for some flavoursome lupin flakes recipes? Please follow the link. Enjoy!